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NanoTech REFLECT Elastomeric Roof Coating reduces interior temperatures and lowers air conditioning costs, and protects buildings and roofs from the harmful effects of UV light and moisture by providing a highly reflective sealed coating. REFLECT is formulated to be very low in toxicity, 100% Acrylic water based - for use on BUR, Urethane foam, composition and metal roofs. Can also be used as a cool pavement solution.

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Technical Details

Color Finish: Highly reflective white
Application: BUR, Urethane foam and composition roofs
Water-based low toxicity
No fire hazard - no flash point
Ultra Low VOC: less than 0.34 lbs/gal (41 g/l)
Reduces interior temperatures by 20%+

Amt SKU Coverage
5 Gal NANO40016 250-500 sf
55 Gal NANO40017 2,700 - 5,500 sf
275 Gal NANO40018 14,000-27,000 sf
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  • 5 Gal
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