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NanoTech Circuit Coating is non-conductive and provides superior protection for most circuits, PCBs, and other electrical components from damaging elements.  Using proprietary nanotechnology, we at NanoTech Coatings have formulated a long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly line of nanocoatings for a wide variety of substrates.

Our Circuit Coating repels dirt, sand, and moisture, thus preventing corrosion.  This superior protection prevents the need for costly circuit replacements. Our NanoTech  Circuit Coating is also ideal for protecting and waterproofing expensive electronics such as computers, that may be exposed to harsh elements of the environment.

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Technical Details

Color Finish: Transparent
Application: Circuits, PCBs, computers, and other electrical components.

Amt SKU Coverage
1 Gal Circuit Coating: NANO10049
Catalyst: NANO10017
500-800 sf
5 Gal Circuit Coating: NANO10050
Catalyst: NANO10018
2,500-4,000 sf
55 Gal Circuit Coating: NANO10051
Catalyst: NANO10019
28,000-44,000 sf
275 Gal Circuit Coating: NANO10052
Catalyst: NANO10020
140,000-220,000 sf
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  • 1 Gal
  • 5 Gal
  • 275 Gal
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