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NanoTech Coatings Auto Revitalizer will restore rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces damaged by UV Exposure to their original luster and shine. Using proprietary nanotechnology, we at NanoTech Coatings have formulated a long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly line of nanocoatings for a wide variety of substrates.

Our thin quartz coating will restore and protect rubber, plastic, or vinyl auto parts that have been oxidized or discolored due to age and UV damage. The nanoparticles of NanoTech Coatings Auto Revitalizer penetrate into rubber tire sidewalls, hoses, shock absorber covers, dashboards, and trim to restore and protect the color and appearance from future fading and UV damage, keeping your car looking brand new!

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Technical Details

Color Finish: Transparent
Application: Rubber, plastic, or vinyl auto parts.

Amt SKU Coverage
1 Gal NANO10081 500-800 sf
5 Gal NANO10082 2,500-4,000 sf
55 Gal NANO10083 28,000-44,000 sf
275 Gal NANO10084 140,000-220,000 sf
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