NanoTech Coatings Polished Stone Sealer

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NanoTech Coatings Polished Stone Sealer protects all of your polished stone surfaces with a clear, breathable seal. This sealer is ideal for granite, marble, onyx, limestone, quartzite and other surfaces that need to be protected from moisture and stain damage.

NanoTech Coatings Polished Stone Sealer can be used on interior surfaces such as countertops or exterior polished stone surfaces to provide a long lasting barrier to water and stains.

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Technical Details

Color Finish: Transparent
Application: Granite, marble, onyx, limestone, quartzite, and other polished stone surfaces.

Amt SKU Coverage
1 Gal NANO20029 500-800 sf
5 Gal NANO20030 2,500-4,000 sf
55 Gal NANO20031 28,000-44,000 sf
275 Gal NANO20032 140,000-220,000 sf
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  • 5 Gal
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