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NanoTech Wood Coating

Seals & Protects - Wooden Surfaces

Price: $495.00
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NanoTech Wood Coating is the all in one solution for protecting your everyday wooden surfaces. Using proprietary nanotechnology; we at NanoTech Coatings have formulated a long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly line of nanocoatings for a wide variety of substrate. NanoTech Wood Coating will protect, enhance, and if you desire, stain your wooden surfaces all with our two part quartz coating. Our Wood Coat protects from UV damage, acid etching, water spots, moisture and other natural decay. These features make NanoTech Wood Coating ideal for use not only in the home, but also in industries such as restaurants, marinas, decks, furniture, and the rest of the great outdoors.

Technical Details

Color Finish: Transparent Gloss or Satin
Application: Home, restaurants, marinas, decks, furniture, and outdoors.

Amt SKU Coverage
1 Gal Satin: NANO10021
Gloss: NANO10025
Catalyst: NANO10017
500-800 sf
5 Gal Satin: NANO10022
Gloss: NANO10026
Catalyst: NANO10018
2,500-4,000 sf
55 Gal Satin: NANO10023
Gloss: NANO10027
Catalyst: NANO10019
28,000-44,000 sf
275 Gal Satin: NANO10024
Gloss: NANO10028
Catalyst: NANO10020
140,000-220,000 sf


Application Guide
Safety Data Sheet
Catalyst SDS

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