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NanoTech Stone Coatings

Protect Interior & Exterior Surfaces From Natural Forces

NanoTech Stone Coatings are revolutionary coatings designed with specific purposes and material bonding in mind. Protect interior countertops and other polished surfaces, exterior pavers, pathways, driveways, statues and more from natural forces, water, mildew, acids, and stains.
A revolutionary clear, non-breathable protective quartz coating for natural stone surfaces. It creates a long lasting, durable barrier against moisture, stains, mold, and acids.
A clear, breathable seal that is ideal for granite, marble, onyx, limestone, quartzite and other surfaces that need to be protected from moisture and stain damage.
Quickly dries in 5 minutes and enhances the aesthetic appeal, protects from natural forces including water, mold, stains, alkali, dust, and dirt.
Protect concrete & masonry surfaces from salt spray, acid from food/beverages & waste, gum, graffiti, water, and chloride ion.
An ideal, all around protective sealer for use on almost any surface. Protect against moisture, mold, dust, dirt, alkali, UV damage and more.