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NanoTech Metal Coating

Seals & Protects - Metal Surfaces

Price: $268.00
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NanoTech Metal Coating is ideal for protecting, and preserving metal surfaces under various conditions. Using proprietary nanotechnology, we at NanoTech Coatings have formulated a long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly line of nanocoatings for a wide variety of substrates. Our Metal Coat provides protection against all types of corrosion from water, salt spray, chemical exposure, as well as other damaging environmental elements. Due to its anti-corrosion properties, our Metal Coat also eliminates the need to polish easily tarnished metals, such as aluminum, silver, and brass. NanoTech Metal Coating also provides UV protection for the metal surface and reduces ice adhesion. NanoTech Metal Coating is designed to protect metals in industrial situations like bridges, pipelines, and other large equipment as well as everyday metals in the home, such as door knobs and stainless steel kitchen appliances. The protection provided by our Metal Coating reduces the time and labor required to properly clean the substrate, saving both time and money.

Stainless Steel Coating

NanoTech Stainless Steel Coating is an all in one solution for problems with stainless steel aesthetics. Our coating serves as a cleaner, polisher, and conditioner all in one easy application. Our self-healing film polishes the surface while also resisting smudges, fingerprints, and other marks on the stainless steel. With zero VOCs, NanoTech Stainless Steel Coating is also environmentally friendly.

Technical Details

Color Finish: Transparent

Application: Metal Coating:

Bridges, pipelines, and other industrial metals, as well as everyday metals in the home.

Application: Stainless Steel Coating:

Amt SKU Coverage
1 Qt Stainless Steel: NANO20033 125-200 sf
1 Gal Gloss: NANO10029
Satin: NANO10033
Matte: NANO10185
Stainless Steel: NANO20001
500-800 sf
5 Gal Gloss: NANO10030
Satin: NANO10034
Matte: NANO10186
Stainless Steel: NANO20002
2,500-4,000 sf
55 Gal Gloss: NANO10031
Satin: NANO10035
Matte: NANO10187
Stainless Steel: NANO20003
28,000-44,000 sf
275 Gal Gloss: NANO10032
Satin: NANO10036
Matte: NANO10188
Stainless Steel: NANO20004
140,000-220,000 sf


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