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Environmentally friendly no VOC waterproof coatings

Environmentally Friendly Waterproof Coatings

NanoTech offers coatings and sealers with very low to zero VOCs and contain no known carcinogens - posing no danger to plants or animals. This doesn't affect their performance - they are long-lasting and are easy to clean so maintenance costs are reduced and the life of the material extended. All of the NanoTech coatings offer low VOC levels, but the products listed below have completely zero VOCs:
An invisible, durable coating that provides water repellent, residue resistant, antistatic, anti-fogging, and scratch resistant properties.
Protect surfaces around your home or office building from the destructive and damaging effects of moisture and other natural environmental elements.
Use on interior surfaces such as countertops or exterior polished stone surfaces to provide a long lasting barrier to water and stains.
A self-healing film that polishes and resists marks, fingerprints and smudges on stainless steel and aluminum surfaces.