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NanoTech Automotive Coatings

Protect Interior & Exterior Surfaces From Natural Forces
Restore Color damage by UV Exposure

  • Use NanoTech Glass Coatings to make your windshield scratch resistant, anti-fogging and have better visibility in bad weather.
  • For the painted surfaces, use our metal coatings (either glossy or satin) to add a protective, water resistant coating.
  • For tires, trim and other rubber/plastic materials, apply our Auto Revitalizer to restore these parts and protect them from UV Light.
  • For the interior - use the Fabric & Carpet Coating to prevent stains and add a waterproof barrier.
Great for car windows- with anti-fogging and increased scratch resistance, as well as water repelling properties.
Protect the painted surface of the vehicle from UV Light and corrosion, and add a water-repelling layer that lasts for years!
Restores rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces that have been damaged by UV Exposure to their original color and luster, and protects from future UV Radiation.
Protect fabric & carpet from oil, water, alcohol and other stains without affecting color, feel, appearance, odor or other properties of the material.